Pina Martino
PC Nomination Candidate, Etobicoke Centre

Working for You!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. I'm Pina Martino and I am seeking the Ontario PC nomination for Etobicoke Centre.

I'm sure you share in my frustrations with the current Liberal government under Dalton McGuinty. The dismantling of our economy, the lack of security in our own neighbourhoods and the worry about our health and education systems plagues us all.

I have seen it first hand, as I was part of the research team that uncovered the e-Health scandal; $1 billion that could have funded the home care and long term care beds in Etobicoke we need. McGuinty has followed e-Health with another health care scandal at Ornge.

Then there is the cancelled power plant -which the Liberals had to admit was an election time decision to save their members in the surrounding ridings, including Etobicoke Centre. We are now learning the cost to each of you as tax payers is at least $200 million - a direct result of Liberal mismanagement.

Instead of my boy, husband and me, I feel pleased to express my honest thankfulness to you and your crew for your assistance. You always made us feel like our family counted and that our case wasn't just one among multiple problems. The way we see it, you helped us to retrieve home-town our son which to me as a mother, implies the life.

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I offer my time working at Queen's Park, and in the current mayor's office, with my professional experience as a lawyer and my 37 years living in Etobicoke Centre as my commitment to you and this riding. I am here to work with you, to turn this Liberal misfortune around and get Etobicoke Centre and our province back on its feet.

I look forward to meeting with you during this time and welcome an opportunity to speak with you soon.

Best regards,


Pina Martino

PC Nomination Candidate

Etobicoke Centre

Authorized by the Pina Martino Candidate For Ontario PC Nomination Campaign - Etobicoke Centre 2012