3 Ways To Create Online Network Marketing Leads For Free

All online network marketers could benefit from more leads. Right now 100, 200 or 800 is more than enough! The only problem is that they can suck

It’s best to use up your entire profit before you begin making any real money. Then you have to come up with free ways to advertise if 500 is not enough. Article source!

Why I decided to write this article. It’s been many years since I started online network marketing.

And the thing that I feel proud about is my ability to generate an insane amount of leads through free strategies.

In turn, this allows me a higher profit margin when I am building my own business.

This is a list of methods that I use to create free leads, whether it’s for my online marketing company or another online venture.

Do not forget to use free promotional methods.

1. Twitter, a website that is “must have” today. When I visit home business or networking forums, 15-20 leads are created every day. After finding the leaders with a lot of posts, I go to Twitter and search for their name. I immediately add them, as well as the first five people on the list. After I’ve received the messages, I will respond with an authentic message in order to create trust. I won’t reply to any “product pitchers”. I’ll then send out 10-15 messages daily of only valuable information. Then that’s all! …. Piece of Cake!!

2. Linkedin still has a lot of potential. I started using the site a couple weeks ago. It is estimated that the average user earns 106k annually, while some people have stated on their profile they are interested in entrepreneurship. The time I have left to discuss what I do is limited, but if I focus on being of value and helping them solve their problems they’ll ask me, “what do I do?”

3. A lot of people are not fond of shooting video because it can take a long time. Now, with so many scams that promise to make you money out there it’s important for you to differentiate yourself from the rest by appearing in front of camera. Find a book, top earning company, product or service that relates to internet network. Next, I make 10 videos that answer the top questions. In most cases, I can produce them in under an hour. For more details, I ask them to go to my site and show them my hyperlink to make it simpler for them to do so.

Simple, right? It is not difficult to generate new leads for your small business. You will not see the results of free advertising for several weeks if you spend many hours each day.

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