5 Second Test of Your Buy Here,Pay here Web Site

Try a five second test. This article is about testing the BHPH homepage (or landing page) and seeing how people react to it. Many answers can be found in the numbers and statistics on web sites. Some people are able to give you surprising answers. Try to determine where your website visitors are going when visiting you. You can test the site by visiting real people who will give you real-time feedback. Go here!

Choose random volunteers to help you, but they should not have been to your site before. As they sit at the computer, ask them to shut their eyes and then to go to your home page. Ask them to open their eyes to find the most important button for them. TIME THEM…see if they can find it in the time they take.

You should ask them if they are going to the same site you want them to. You can be proud of the fact that your visitors are clicking on other pages. However, it’s better if your visitors go to the places you want them, so you can sell a car.

If it took more than five seconds and they weren’t looking at you, most people would leave your website. You need to take a look at your website. What can you do to get this person to where you want? It’s tough. It’s a loss of opportunity.

Five to ten people is enough. This poll is not scientific, but it’s meant to be eye opening. You will be surprised and informed by the results.

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