Are There Any Mushroom Cancer Treatments?

In the last 20 years, mushroom cancer research has grown in number. Research on mushroom capsules has been dominated in Japan and Asia. However, American scientists and doctors began to study the effects of mushrooms for cancer patients in recent years.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is one of America’s top cancer research facilities. They have been running clinical trials with Maitake Mushrooms ( Grufola frondosa). Their recent clinical trials with a Maitake extract from Japan have established the optimal dose for stimulating immune system. The phase I/II study was done on postmenopausal patients who had received breast cancer treatment.

Researchers discovered that this Maitake extract was safe to consume in clinical trials. This basically means that it is safe to use. The patients had an important immune response. And the effect on patients’ immune response was significant.

It can be taken orally. This is a great feature of this extract. This extract does not require injections, unlike other anti-cancer mushrooms extracts, such as “Lentinan”, which is a Shiitake mushroom fragment approved for treatment of gastric cancer in Japan, and “PSK”, which was the first mushroom-based anticancer drug developed in Japan. It was extracted from the mushroom Coriolus vericolor. Patients consumed it as a liquid by drinking it. You can also find soft capsules or hard capsules.

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