Asian Blepharoplasty – The Most Common Procedure Among Asians

In the West, this term is often used. Oriental blepharoplasty, or Oriental eyelids surgeries would be more accurate. The term is scientific and means “eyelid shape” or “eyelid style”. It is called Oriental Blepharoplasty. It is quite desirable to have a crease in the eyelids when you are of Oriental, or a mix of Oriental heritage. Models and Chinese pop stars have been using glue and tape in modern times to get this crease.

Some people with Oriental descent may not have any eyelid creases. Others might only have a tiny crease. For many Asians or Orientals, eyelid refashioning can be a great option to achieve wider eyes. Others seek to have a monolid with no fold converted into a two-eyelid. Asians have their double-eyelids made to remove eye bags. This is in contrast to Caucasians, who opt for eyelid surgeries to correct signs of aging or lift droopy eyelids – learn more.

You can choose between two different surgical methods to maintain and improve the ethnic features of an Oriental. Both the closed-thread/suture and open-incision techniques are available.

Simple sutures that are passed into the upper eyelid structures and hidden deep in the upper skin tissue, constitute this technique. The technique does not need an incision. The quick recovery makes it very popular among patients. Suture methods cannot address issues like excess skin or muscle. It is possible to lose the crease over time. This can also lead to an increase of asymmetry.

Second, the doctor can employ the “opening incision” procedure. A small incision is made at the location that the desired crease will appear. This allows surgeons to see exactly what they will be changing. It is possible to use different techniques for the open incision. In partial incision double-eyelid surgery, a smaller cut is made and then stitched or sutured.

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