Ayahuasca Ceremony – Things You Need to Know For Beginners

Ayahuasca should be well known to you. To learn more about it, participate in a similar ceremony. The plant has been described as an ancient medicine, with origins from the Amazon. Caapi is a tree that grows in the rainforest and produces a delicious, thick-colored brown tea. Ayahuasca can be made from the Caapi grape and certain plant leaves that contain hallucinogenic compounds. See Your Highest Truth – ayahuasca dieta to get more info.

Ayahuasca is generally a ceremony that involves the drinking of the hallucinatory grape or tea. Under proper guidance, it can be a long night spent in deep contact with higher intelligence as well understanding one’s own true selves. It is legal to use in Amazonia, which is where it is most common. In the United States however, the ceremony and renting are not authorized.

There are some essential things you must know before you start Ayahuasca.

Your intention should be clear that you desire to see the complete Divine, the infinite, and Mystery.

Second, it is important to fully understand that the divine can’t be fully understood according to how your brain interprets it. Although cognitively understanding the infinite can be achieved, it is not possible. It’s like trying to fit the ocean inside a thimble.

A third fact is that it’s possible that you won’t enjoy all the information that God chooses to share. Even though you may be called a ‘Born Again Atheist’, there are still many things you can learn about these concepts.

Fourth, every time you actually experience the infinite/divine/Mystery will completely be different – each experience is akin to a drop in the ocean.

Fifth, it will certainly be difficult to express your feelings in words.

Sixth, Songs are an essential part of every ceremony. You can also gain greater appreciation for the power of song through them.

Seventh. If you don’t have a meal plan before the ceremony the plants will certainly help your body to ride.

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