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What was the last occasion you had your carpets professionally cleaned. If you are like the average American household, it was probably within the last year. If not, you will likely wait at minimum another year to have them cleaned again. If there are two people or less living in the home and no smokers, it is recommended that carpets in residential homes be cleaned every 6-12 moths. The EPA recommends professional carpet cleansing every 3 to 4 months for families with more than one child and pets – read here?

These recommendations are based off indoor air quality. Carpets act as filters by filtering the air through ventilation systems. Clean carpets are a great way to improve indoor quality for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

The cost of having your carpet cleaned once every three months can add up quickly. After discount coupons and other specials, we found that professional carpet cleaning costs varied between national and local brands. The cost of carpet cleanings could really rise if a homeowner had a carpet cleaner visit three times a calendar year.

Some families opt to clean their carpets by themselves. You may find that grocery stores sell carpet cleaning machines, as well as a wide range of cleaning products. This could be a great way to maintain your carpets clean. This is a disadvantage because homeowners must do all the work themselves, including moving their furniture and transporting the machine to their vehicles. Do-it yourself methods have their risks.

– Saturation of the carpet. Carpet can be damaged and separated if too much solution or water is applied.

– Misapplications The wrong cleaning solution for certain stains can permanently bleach and discolor carpet.

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