Digital Music Distribution: How To Get Started

Internet technology has made it possible to make money by selling MP3 and CD downloads recommended site. No matter how many CDs you have made, or whether you just recorded a live gig, it is now possible to make money from your music by selling them online.

There are many independent companies that can be called “Aggregators” by the major online music retailers. Their job is to collect all the independent artist music and deliver it each week. They also collect the money from the shops when your tracks are sold and transfer this money to them.

Some aggregators may take a small percentage of each sale, and then send you the rest. This is to pay their service costs, such as staff costs for delivering your music or time. However, some aggregators may prefer to pay a small upfront payment and let you keep all of what the store pays the artist. Remember that while the online store does take a cut on the sale price of your music, you can still make as much as 60 cents on every 99 cent download. Additionally, downloads don’t need to be printed at a large upfront cost. Therefore, any money you earn from MP3 sales will help you make a much bigger profit.

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