English Breakfast Tea: The Fine Morning Beverage

Get up and light the teapot. Wait for the water to boil before you get up. Your taste buds will be delighted with a cup English Breakfast tea. It is a gentle wake-up call that will allow your brain to get moving for the day. You can see english breakfast vs earl grey for more information.

I am a busy person with an endless list of things to do. I spend half an hour each morning getting up. There is no computer, phone, TV or telephone. I do not have a conversation with my loved ones. This 30 minute window belongs to me. I spend it thoughtfully planning and thinking without pressure. Coffee is sometimes an accompaniment to my morning routine, but a cup if tea is my favorite beverage. There are so many great flavors.

This is something I recommend to everyone, even if it means that you wake up earlier than your family. It’s an opportunity to enjoy being awake and alert, to be present in the moment, and to appreciate what you have. Because you have taken the time to rest before getting up, you’ll be more productive.

English Breakfast tea, the traditional English breakfast, is not something that is eaten every day. Because everyone is so healthy, a few over-easy eggs, a “rasher”, of bacon, and a pile of toast, with a slice or two of Black Pudding**, don’t make it onto the family dinner table very often. As they say, tea is always with us.

English Breakfast tea is great anytime, but it’s best when it’s the first thing you try in the morning. It’s delicious with a splash of cream or milk. For a sweet start to your day, you can add a teaspoon honey or sugar.

This tea is great with all types of food. Add a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt, skim milk, and some granola to the bowl. You will find a refreshing change in your outlook when you combine the cool fruits with the hot, smoky herbal tea.

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