Finding the Right Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Have you ever stared at your living room carpet, wondering if it’s time to clean? When searching for reliable services such as carpet cleaning northshore, it is important to determine the right frequency. What is the best frequency to wash your carpet? We’ll find out! Our work.

In the first place, cleaning carpets regularly is not only about aesthetics; it also affects your health and its durability. Air quality can be affected if dust particles, allergens or other contaminants are stuck in carpets. Dirt and debris also can cause the fibers to wear over time. The carpet will last longer if you clean it regularly.

Let’s start with a little fun fact. Did you realize that the typical household should vacuum once per week? Consider vacuuming even more often if your home has pets, kids, or a lot of foot traffic. Consider that pets are like little, cute dirt magnets. Timmy is the joy of your life but those little chocolatey fingertips sure make their way on the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning, in addition to the regular vacuuming is essential, although not as often you would think. Most homes can get away with a deep clean once every 12 to 18 month. You may need to hire a professional cleaner every six months or yearly if you have more traffic in your home (or Little Timmy has been really adventurous).

Cleaning is also necessary in specific circumstances. Did you spill wine last night at the dinner party? When your inlaws surprise you and mention their allergies repeatedly, is it time to call your carpet cleaning service? This could be a good time to contact your trusted carpet cleaning company.

What’s the bottom line? The right balance for carpet cleaning is similar to tuning your guitar. Once you find the correct balance, it may take some adjusting, but when you do, you will be able to tell. You should pay attention to what your carpet needs. This will not only help you keep it looking good, but ensure a cleaner living space for all.

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