Forex traders who start trading Forex from scratch shouldn’t expect to make quick cash

Beginner forex traders hope to make quick money trading forex. It’s easy to lose  full report money trading forex online.

Our Malay forex student is excited to earn his money and get financial freedom. He attended 3-days intensive, but comprehensive foreign currency training in Kuala Lumpur. He desperately wants to make some money because of his current unemployment. He wants to be able trading for income and to have wealth freedom within the next few month. How will he get there? This currency trader can earn 200% per months trading currency.

After trading forex online for one month, I finally checked my trading results with this Malay student trader. Guess what? His forex trading account is now losing a lot of money. His capital is small and he doesn’t use risk management or money management theories when currency trading. He hasn’t yet mastered technical analysis, and is not able to consistently make small profit. It is not clear how he will earn 200% per month.

You can get 200% on volatile forex markets. However, this is not possible with every forex trader especially for novice traders. It is important to learn proven forex trading systems before you can get 200%. It must have at least 70%-80% winning chance for long periods in foreign currency trading. The first thing to do is adopt a conservative strategy that has low risk. This will help the novice fox trader make 10% per year. Keep the risk management level at 1%. Trading time on the lucrative currencies markets is very short. It should not exceed 1 to 2 hours per trading day. Trading one currency pair is possible with a winning strategy of 70% to 80%. Forex trading is profitable. You can expect between 14-16% and 4-6% profits. This is based off 20 trading days. After subtracting losses, your monthly profit will be between 8%-10%. You can become a forex Trader by following this simple trading strategy.

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