Gem Therapy

They are extremely rare and valued. —-. Even men use gemstones in order to show off their wealth.

These precious gemstones were part and parcel of the kingdoms’ financial reserve in ancient times. Rubies were used in the silver chains, gold crowns, and other precious stones to decorate the great monarchs. It was the choice of gemstones that made a king stand out. This also demonstrated his power and wealth website here.

These semiprecious gems and precious stones were originally created for another purpose. Each gemstone, according to its own color and transparency, is believed by some to alter the flow of sunlight. It affects the aura that surrounds a person. Gemologists and Astrologers believe that each person’s aura is affected both by the planet positions within their birth chart (janam Patri) and, in a lesser degree, his/her personality. Wearing gemstones can help to correct personality problems, relationship issues, and career problems.

In addition to battle and diplomacy, kings secretly used spells and magical powers to defeat their rivals. These gemstones protected against evil spells or rituals. The belief in gemstones’ influence on personality and destiny is still prevalent today, even though those days are long past. Wearing gemstones doesn’t violate any laws or cause harm to anyone. Sometimes I was told to wear pearls —-and/or sapphires. This is especially true when the relationship between you and your partner is not going as well.

External gems such as necklaces, earrings, and crowns may affect the aura of an individual. The ancient Indian astronomer-astrologer Varahamihira compiled the Hora Sara listing the various gems and their properties and uses. These works are complemented with information from different cultures. Modern research confirms that this information is correct. These stones should be worn as rings by astrologists to make them truly effective.

Here’s a list (in italics) of gems and their therapeutic qualities.

Moti (or Pearl) – a clear and white stone that calms the mind, improves vision, and is good for memory.

Emeralds (panna), which are green stones, are said to help with heart problems, neurological disorders and many other ailments.

Hessonite(gomed) is an orange brown rock (hence it’s name of gomedh or urine de vache), that treats both acidity and burns. This can help to reduce pain and cool your body.

Ruby, a red stone that increases social standing and happiness. This stone also helps to heal stomach pains, rheumatisms, and ulcers.

5) Red coral (munga), also called coral, can be used as a treatment for diabetes, measles blindness or impotency.

Blue Sapphires (neelam), also known as Blue Sapphires, are blue gemstones that treat mental disorders, nervousness problems, meningitis or kidney issues.

7) The stone known as “cat’s eyes” (lahsuniya), which is yellow-gold in color and is used to cure all types of cancers, is also called the cat’s’ eye.

Heera (Diamond) – a transparent, translucent gemstone that is known to cure diabetes and STDs.

Yellow Sapphires (pukhraj), also known as Yellow Sapphires, is a yellow-colored gemstone that can treat cholera.

This is not a medically-supported practice. It’s up to each individual’s personal beliefs. The stones should not either be worn, or purchased. Astrologers and gemtherapists are willing to lend gemstones if they feel it is necessary. While most people only want to get rich, some astrologers with a good reputation will accept the gems back once they’ve been used. Some return the cash when it doesn’t work.

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