Get the Best Clean with Carpet Capers

Get ready to literally lay out the red carpet, ladies and gentleman! About to embark on an entertaining journey into the gordon carpet industry. It’s true. The world of mystery stains, dust bunnies and brave heroes is about to be thrown into chaos. Go here!

Carpet cleaning gordons in towns where gossip columns are not enough to fill the town’s carpets with stories, have stain fighting tools, and can be funny. With a NASA rocket-powered suction they bravely go where no mop before has ventured.

The goal of their work is to liberate your carpets from grime and mud. Do not worry though, my dear home owner, they will make your carpet cleaning experience a funny and entertaining one.

Imagine that you’re standing on the carpet of your choice, and you notice a weird spot. They enter and declare with confidence, “Never worry, we are the stain-whisperers!” The cleaners enter and declare with assurance, “Never fear! We are the stain whisperers!”

Then they negotiate, with charm and humor. As if trying to get them into a circus, they have funny talks with the stains. Coffee Stain, your genius is wasted in this situation. It’s better to paint on the palette than on carpet.

Other things are also hilariously addressed. No, these guys have mastered how to turn even the most mundane cleaning job into an entertaining slapstick performance. They move like dancers around the furniture.

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1a/802 Pacific Hwy, Gordon NSW 2072
(02) 83112088

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