How can you save money by buying wholesale jewelry supplies?

You can save money on wholesale jewelry supplies if you are crafting jewelry for yourself, your family or to make extra money. Online wholesale jewelry suppliers can be a fraction of the price that craft stores charge for similar supplies. Read more.

You will save more money by buying in bulk. Order a minimum quantity of 1,000 beads, clasps or fasteners at once to maximize your savings.

Shipping and handling fees on wholesale jewelry can turn a seemingly great deal into an expensive ordeal. If the shipping and handling charges are too high, you may want to look at other online vendors for the same products. Paying a little bit more for an item from another online supplier will save you money, as they provide free shipping.

Jewelry components include clasps and beads. They also include charms, gems (including diamonds), watch blanks, earring or bangle blanks, wires and connectors. Wholesale suppliers offer all of these products. Wholesale suppliers offer the tools needed to assemble jewelry, as well as the packaging you may need if you plan on selling your pieces.

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