How many telescopic flag poles will you require?

One of your first questions when you decide to install a Telescopic Flag Pole at a business is, “How many poles should I buy?” You will find that the answer depends on various factors. These include the size of your business, the location of the flagpole and how many banners you wish to display. Think about, for more about the author:

Building Size

To determine how many you will need, consider the size of your construction. If you have a modest home design, it may not be necessary to use more than one flagpole for the American flag. However, in a large building commercial may be required to have many flagpoles. This is because the American flag as well as other foreign flags will need to be displayed.

Flagpoles Location

This will influence the number of poles required. The flagpole can be placed in a central place, like a courtyard entrance. This will allow you to use only one for all flags. If you are installing flagpoles around the structure in multiple locations such as on the parking lot or roof, more flagpoles may be required.

How many different flags can you count?

Last, but certainly not least: the number flagpoles needed will depend on the number flags. In the case of the American flag being the only one you wish to fly, then you may need just one. For example, if the only flag you intend to fly is the American flag, you probably just need one.

A flagpole expert can help you determine how many flagpoles are best for your particular structure. In addition, they will also help you take into account all the other variables. This will allow them to advise you as to the most suitable solution. It is important to remember, however, that as you add more flagpoles the more you’ll be able fly over the top of them.

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