How to Care for your Genuine Moldavite, and how to Enhance Its Energy

Moldavite is an expensive and strong crystal. It is important to treat it with respect and care. Here are some tips to take care of Moldavite so it can emit maximum energy. More bonuses?

Moldavite can accumulate negative energy. It is important to clean it regularly to avoid this. You can purify it by soaking it in salt water or burying it in the ground.

It should be stored properly. This measure will help to preserve both its physical integrity as well as its vitality.

Moldavite is a delicate stone that must be treated with respect. It should also be used in accordance to one’s intent. This involves deciding what you want to achieve with the crystal, and then using it in a way that meets your goals.

Moldavite is a powerful energy vibration. It is important to start slowly. This means that you should start slowly and increase the intensity as you get used to it.

To recharge it, put it outside in the sunlight. This can boost your Moldavite’s energy and make it more resilient. This can be achieved by exposing the moldavite to direct sunlight for a time or exposing it directly to the full moon.

It is important to take care of your moldavite crystal and strengthen the energy it emits. By following these guidelines and using it with respect and intention, you can ensure that your Moldavite energy continues to support your spiritual development.

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