How to keep a carpet clean in a house with pets

Carpets can be affected by pets. They are an important part of the family, but also a source of cleaning problems. Rugs can become dirty and dingy due to pet shedding, accident, or everyday wear. The carpet cleaners at gordon carpet cleaning have some great tips for maintaining an immaculate carpet when there are pets in the home. Go here!

Purchase Quality Vacuums

To keep pet hair under control, vacuuming regularly is the best way to do it. For a vacuum that will effectively collect pet dander and allergens, choose one with HEPA filters and strong suction.

Pet grooming regularly

By regularly grooming your pet, you can reduce the amount of hair that falls and avoid it from accumulating on your carpet. For your pet to look and feel their best, make sure you brush it frequently. Consider hiring a professional to groom your pet.

Teach Your Animals

However, educating your pet can minimize the damage. Try to eliminate destructive and bored behavior by toilet training your pets. Provide them with plenty of opportunities for outdoor games and exercises.

Resolve Mishaps Quickly

Cleaning up pet spills on your carpet immediately is essential to avoid unpleasant odors. To remove any spills, wipe the area clean with a new cloth. Next, scrub with carpet cleaner designed for pet stains.

Use protective covers Protective covers are a great way to stop pet dander from damaging carpets. They can also help reduce stains and smells. Protect high traffic areas or the furniture that pets frequent with area rugs and furniture covers.

Carpet cleaning by professionals is worth your time.

Over time, even with the best of care, hair and pet dander can accumulate in your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners can thoroughly clean carpets to remove any remaining odors.

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