Online LPN to RN programs – Another option for becoming an RN

Students must earn a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree before they can obtain a nursing license. Many students choose to complete their degrees by obtaining a diploma through an approved nursing program. There are a variety of colleges, universities and trade schools that offer the courses required to become a LPN, or RN, regardless of which degree they choose. Many nurses who start their career as LPNs later return to these institutions to complete their education and obtain the license to become an RN. The 6 month lpn to rn program online has emerged as a popular option for aspiring nurses seeking career advancement.

Many accredited universities offer “online LPN-to-RN programs” that provide LPNs the additional requirements needed to pass the RN examination. Like LPNs they must pass an exam before they can get their nursing license. They may also need to complete additional education and course work, depending on the area of specialization. surgery, pediatrics). Once the student has completed the program, these additional courses can provide a variety of opportunities for advancement.

To become a registered nurse, all states require that you complete a nursing program approved by the state and pass the NCLEX RN exam. Online education is the best option for LPNs looking to transition from LPN to RN. It allows them to work around their schedule and complete the required courses. If an LPN is a mother of small children, or has a day job, they can study online in the evenings or weekends. Online education is becoming increasingly popular because of its convenience and the fact that most courses are cheaper than those offered by traditional colleges.

The student must pass any certification exams after completing the LPN-to-RN program. It is common to require certification in order to practice in a particular specialty. Nurse anesthetists are required to take educational courses and obtain certification in their respective specialties.

A nurse who was educated and born in a different country will need a work permit to practice in the United States. The federal government requires that these nurses undergo a screening program in order to verify that they have the same education and licensing as a nurse trained in the United States.

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