Popular Painting Styles – Realism Painting

The realist portrays the world in its most natural form without any drama, emotions or glorifying. It tries to reduce the artist’s interpretation. This movement tries to minimize the artistic interpretation, find out.

To be realistic, a painting must convey the message that is most relevant to the moment. In order to maintain the style, an artist can use compositional components to better communicate the true meaning without changing the scope.

The style was born in France at the end of the 19th century as a reaction to the Romantic art that predominated. During this time, photography also developed. Gustave Courbet from France is known as the “father” of realistic art. The most famous of his works, A Burial In Ornans depicts the 1848 funeral.

Other artists are also influenced by realist art. Jean Baptist Simeon Chardin or Charles-Francois Daubigny come to mind.

Within realism, there are many more categories.

It’s common to interchange naturist with realism. The subjects and events are depicted in the natural environment.

Hyper-Realism or Photo-Realism pays special attention to the smallest details. The result could be a photo with a very sharp focus.

Classical Realism is a movement that attempts to bring back the traditional painting styles and techniques of older artists. The artists do not rely on photographs. They rely more on their ability to observe.

Fantastic Realism is a style of painting that attempts to reproduce the techniques and realistic paintings used by Old Masters before 1828. However, it has a Christian theme.

In the 1930s, the American Financial Depression ushered in Social Realism. Social Realism artworks were intended to depict in an accurate way the hardships, injustices, and other events that took place during this period.

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