Prada Sunglasses are the Definitive Fashion Statement

Mario Prada founded his fashion house in Milano, Italy, in 1913. It didn’t take Mario and his family long to revolutionize the fashion industry. Mario Prada and his family tweaked their clothing line and leather goods to become the fashion institution they are known for today, even though decades passed. Miuccia Prada took over Mario’s business in 1978 and transformed it into what it is today. The company is known for their quality products and elegant designs, no matter whether it’s sunglasses or a purse. Read more now on prada sunglasses nose pads

Prada became an affordable fashion line in the 1990s. Prada sunglasses are especially popular with consumers because celebrities wear them both on and off screen. Prada sunglasses and other fashion products are familiar to fans of the TV show “Sex And The City”. Sarah Jessica Parker, the character in ‘Sex and The City’ could not stop praising Prada. Her Prada sunglasses were never far from her face. We’ll never be able to know if Prada requested this unique marketing strategy, but it was a good thing for all involved.

Prada sunglasses are stylish and trendy. You can find your favorite sunglass styles in this line. The Prada line of sunglasses includes everything from the popular Aviator style to large lens glasses. The frames are elegant and smooth with a real Italian design. They are also made by the finest craftsmen. These frames are an investment that never goes out of fashion. They will make you look stylish even when you wear your old jeans.

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