Purchase Permit? Do I Need A Licence To Purchase A Vehicle At BHPHs?

Your are looking for a vehicle and you have considered visiting a buy-here-pay here dealer. What if you don’t have a license to drive? This is a question that everyone or select few have. We’ll have a quick look to see what this BHPH thing is all about.

Let’s start by defining what a BHPH is. The dealerships specialize in lending vehicles to people who have bad credit. In most cases, lenders base their loan decisions more on your employment and income history than they do credit checks. We’ll now return to the main issue, BHPH – learn more.

You will need a driving license to purchase a new car at a BHPH franchise. What’s the reason, you ask? First, if you want to drive legally on public roads, then you need a license. If you plan to drive a car, it’s only natural that you possess a driving license.

If you’re not a licensed driver, what can you do? Do BHPH dealerships sell cars? Yes, technically. Although you can buy a car without approval, it is not possible for you to drive the vehicle off of the lot. To avoid this, either have it towed home or arrange for someone to drive the vehicle with a license.

I urge you to stop buying a car without a licence at a BHPH franchise if your age is under 18. At most BHPH car dealerships, you must be over 18 to purchase a new vehicle. You still need a driving license even if your age is 18 or higher to legally buy a car from BHPH.

Keep in mind that your driver’s permit is a duty, and not an entitlement. Now that you have your license in hand, it’s time to get behind the wheel of your new BHPH.

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