The Microwave Oven is a must-have appliance in any modern kitchen

The addition of a high-quality, multipurpose microwave to your kitchen will allow you to cook whole meals, heat food and prepare ready-made dishes, all in less time than it would take to use a normal oven. Continue reading?

Microwave ovens generate electromagnetic rays. The radiation in the microwave oven stimulates water molecules, which heats up the food. The microwaves don’t penetrate very deeply, so foods heated only for a short time are still cool in the middle. Food cooked in the microwave won’t develop a crust because the oven is not heated.

Different types

Four types are available: microwave convection, built-in or over-the range, countertop, and combination. Here are some pros and cons of the various types to help you choose the best one:

Countertop Microwave Oven -This model is for people who have a larger kitchen counter. It is easy to use, you just need to plug the microwave into the wall.

Microwave convection – This microwave type combines conventional microwave technology and heat energy in order to allow you to bake, grill, or auburn your food. The oven is equipped with a heating component and a fan that helps move hot air. This type of microwave is a great power-saver. Convection microwaving requires a few adjustments, but is much more efficient and rewarding in the end.

Built-in and over-the range microwave — If you don’t have enough space on your counter to fit a microwave, an oven that is built in or installed above the stove may be a better option. These microwaves are more expensive because of the features and installation costs.

Combination Microwave- Combination ovens combine a good organisation of a micro with traditional browning, roasting and grilling. This type of microwave gives you flexibility in switching between different types of ovens, allowing you to cook food like you would with a traditional oven or convection oven.

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