Unveiling Pastel Painting Mysteries for Beginners

You’re certainly not alone if, when walking past a beautiful piece of pastel art visit us, you felt an inspiration surge. It’s no wonder that so many budding painters are drawn to pastels for their vibrant colors and dreamy textures. Maybe you have even considered enrolling in a He Xie Fen Cai so that you can explore this medium more. Get ready to buckle up. Take a look at these techniques and suggestions to get you going.

1. Know Your Pastels
To start with, not all soft pastels and hard pastels will work for you. Soft pastels are available in three different types: hard pastels, oil pastels, or both. Soft pastels offer a rich texture and vivid colours. Hard pastels and oil pastels blend well with fingers and are ideal for details.

2. The Right Surface Matters
Remember that the pastels you use are essentially pigments bound by a binder. To ensure that pastels will grip, the surface must be gritted. This is why sanded card or special pastel papers, such as pastel card or sanded textured paper, are ideal. These surfaces will better hold the pigments, and your artwork will last.

3. Layering & Blending
It’s amazing how pastels come alive when blended. To create a new color or gradient, you can layer colors over one another. Try using your fingertips, a blend stump, or even some cloth. You should be gentle so as to not damage the paper.

4. Work from Darkness To Light
In pastel painting, as opposed to other mediums you often begin with darker tones, then progress to lighter ones. This technique keeps the radiance of lighter tones, which makes them pop.

5. Fixative is Your Friend
Ever finish a piece and accidentally smudge? You can use fixative sprays. They fix your art and stop it from smudging. Do not overdo this. Sometimes a little spritz at a distance will suffice.

6. Always Experiment
Pastel art is all in the experimentation. It’s about discovering your own unique style. Don’t be scared to try out different techniques, unusual color combinations, and even other mediums.

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