What a recycling company can do to change our future

A recent climate report states that the past three years were the warmest years ever recorded on Planet Earth. The study and others about global warming have helped to fuel the controversy around climate change. It has led to world leaders and skeptics to unite behind the goal of reversing rising temperatures. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are thought to be the major cause of Earth’s rising temperatures. Click here!

Many parties involved in climate change have focused their efforts on reducing these emissions. Recycling and the benefits it has on our planet and everyday life are vital to reversing global warming.

The Movement to Reduce and Reuse

Recycling companies are often at the forefront of efforts to save the environment. The movement gained momentum during World War II and brought with it the ability to reduce waste materials, repurpose them, and increase the efficiency of recycling. The introduction of curbside services in the early 20th century also made it easier to participate and more personal.

Recycling companies collect recyclables such as paper, glass, metal and plastic and then transport them to collection facilities. The materials are then sorted, and then manufactured into consumer products according to the specifications of each material.

Discouragement of traditional manufacturing

By choosing this alternative, you can reduce pollution and global warming by reducing the harmful products and byproducts. Reprocessing means preserving useful materials, and reducing their consumption. Reprocessing allows for the saving of vital natural resources and a reduction in energy requirements. This process eliminates waste disposal and treatment. Incineration or controlled burning adds to greenhouse gases, mainly in the form carbon dioxide. Another form of waste disposal, landfilling, can pollute precious soil and groundwater sources. Carbon dioxide and methane released by decaying material also contribute to greenhouse gases.

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