What are the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods?

There are many ways to clean carpets. It all boils down to the individual and the carpet’s condition. While all methods can be used to clean carpets, it is important that you make an informed decision about which method will work best for your carpets. There are two main methods of cleaning carpets: dry cleaning and steam cleaning – click here.

Steam Cleaning

Carpet manufacturers consider this one of the most effective methods for carpet cleaning. This method is also known as hot water extraction. It can be performed using either a portable or truck-mounted unit. The latter is the better option. This method is ideal for cleaning carpets with heavy stains.

After the cleaning solution is applied to the carpet, it is rinsed off with hot water. It is a thorough cleaning process because it requires a lot of flushing. The carpet takes about 24 hours to dry. However, the high heat keeps it free of bacteria, fungus and mold.

Dry Cleaning

There are many variations of this method, so it is up to you to decide which one is best for your carpet cleaning needs.

Foam Method – The foaming shampoo is applied to the carpet and agitated by a machine. The foam is left to dry, and then the soil and dirt are vacuumed together. Although the carpet dries quickly there is some residue.

Bonnet Cleaning – This is a popular method for carpet cleaning and it is second only to steam cleaning. To absorb dirt and dust, the cleaning solution is applied to carpet. The solution is then absorbed into the cotton bonnets by the spinning machine. You can also use synthetic materials for the bonnets.

– Powder Method: Semi-moist powder is used to absorb the soil from the carpet. The powder is left to dry before being vacuumed. Although it dries quickly, some residue is left behind.

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