What is auto detailing and car detail?

The process of car detailing involves the cleaning, waxing, and polishing of an automobile, inside and outside, in order to achieve a high level of detail. In America, it’s called auto detailing. But it is also catching up in the UK.

If you plan to display your vehicle, car detailing is essential. Even if your plan is not to show your car, it’s still worth doing if your goal is to sell it or you want it to be in the best condition. Extra resources!

Detailing the outside of a car involves cleaning and shining the wheels, paint, chrome trim, windows, tyres, and all other exterior components. All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, protected and polished. There are products for every step of car detailing, from waxes, cloths and specialist detergents to clays.

Mechanical polishers can also be used to correct the surface of the car and produce an excellent polish. To remove fine scratches and swirls, a very thin clear coat layer will be removed.

The clear coat can be cleaned with clay to remove dirt, such as bugs or tar. They will not wash off after a weekly cleaning. It is then gently rubbed across the vehicle to remove all the dirt.

Waxes can be expensive but protect your car, and prolong the finish you get from polishing.

Interior detailing includes cleaning of the dashboard, panels, and windows. Seats can be removed if possible to make it easier. The best way to begin is to vacuum thoroughly to get rid of all the grime. You can then use brushes, cotton buds or upholstery cleaners to do the final cleaning.

It is possible to clean the engine using detergents or degreasers.

Owners can detail their own car or they can hire a professional detailing company. It is cheaper to do the job yourself, given how long it takes.

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