What is local SEO and how can it help your business grow?

Local SEO is an effective local marketing tool. Local SEO allows your company to be promoted to local clients whenever they are in need. Local SEO is based on Google, yellow pages and local business directories. Local SEO uses Google and business directories. You can get the best guide on Cincinnati local seo.

Local SEO doesn’t involve handing out leaflets or placing advertisements in local papers that might or might not be seen by anyone interested in buying your products or services. Local SEO helps you connect with your customers when they’re ready to purchase and in need.

You can increase sales by using local SEO. Here are a few major reasons why.

1. Local consumers are turning to the Internet for information about local businesses. The paper directory is only used by 35-30%.

2. You can connect quickly and effectively with potential customers by using local SEO. When your customers are in need, there is no time better to contact them.

3. Growing number of mobile users. More local consumers are using their smartphones to look up local businesses as they walk around. Local SEO marketing covers mobile users and desktops, so you won’t lose out on any customers.

4. The local directory marketing has a better conversion rate than any other type of advertising. You will not waste money on other media. It is clear that SEO local can both be cost-effective as well as efficient.

5. It’s a chance to get an edge on your competition. Many local business owners do not yet have a listing online. Google has only listed 10% of the businesses in their Google places. You have a good chance to be ahead, before competitors catch up and increase your competition.

6. You can now claim your listing for free in Google Maps, online directories and other directories. This is free marketing for you right now. However, it may not continue to be so.

7. Local newspapers have seen a massive drop in readership: Very few people read local newspapers. People are using the Internet to get their local news, and also find local services.

8. Trust in online reviews is high: word-of-mouth plays an important role in the success and growth of small businesses. You can attract new customers by asking your potential customers to write a review of your business.

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