What is physical therapy and what does a physical therapist do?

Asking people to think of physical therapy when they hear the word “physical therapy” will reveal that a majority think of rehabilitation for patients with injuries, from an injury or loss of mobility to sports injuries. Others who require rehab therapy for musculoskeletal disorders and are hospitalized may also be considered. Visit our website and learn more about prnpt.

One small percentage might say that physical therapy involves exercises to strengthen muscles. Another percentage doesn’t really understand what “physical therapy” is. Given the many preconceived ideas about what physical therapy looks like, let’s start by clarifying what physical therapy is. Then we will discuss how physical therapists can help you.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy refers to the manipulation of different body parts to relieve pain, improve mobility and function, as well as to improve the person’s overall quality of life. Physical therapy is also used to prevent injuries and improve energy levels.

Physical therapy involves an individual assessment to determine the best treatment plan. However, it may also include a plan to treat an injury or illness. Because it is personalized to meet your goals, physical therapy can help you come up with a long-term plan.

How a Physical Therapist can Help

Physical therapists have high education and are licensed to help people attain their health and fitness goals. Physical therapists are often viewed as physicians, helping you overcome injuries or illnesses. This is partly true. However, you can consult with a physical therapy to create a tailored program to improve and sustain your health over the long-term.

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