What’s inside the Flagpole ball?

It’s an age-old question: What is inside a flagpole’s balls? The correct answer to this question is NONE. Decoration is the main function of a flagpoleball. A flagpole ball consists of two aluminum pieces that curve and are then welded together. The rod will be used for inserting into the flagpole trucks. The ball was once called a truck but the correct term is finial. The truck houses the pulley mechanism. Most trucks have threaded holes to hold the ball. Attaching resources it to the truck will prevent water from reaching hollow flagpoles.

Urban legends state that the ball has symbolic objects to stop invading enemy from taking our flag. Like the stories, the items as well as the stories are unique.

A match, a razorblade and a gun are the most frequently found items in the ball. If the military unit is destroyed the last soldier will take the flag down and use the razor to cut it into strips. He would then use the bullet as his suicide weapon to destroy his secrets. Usually, the bullet’s gun lies near the flagpole.

This simple story can be rewritten many times. Another variation is the razor, which can be used to remove the flag from the halyard, but not on it. The bullet can be used to defend the flag instead of being used for suicide.

Additional items can be used to conceal certain items. Depending on your version, the additional item might be a grain rice grain or a wheat grain. Rice will be used as fuel by the soldier while he defends his flag. If the soldier is victorious, the wheat will be used as a fuel source. A needle and thread are added to the flag in the event that the soldier wins. You can also use a pencil to write.

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