You can drastically affect the sparkle of your carpet by placing it in high-traffic areas

The momentary joy you feel when walking across a carpet that has just been cleaned, the softness it provides underfoot and its pleasant scent are probably familiar to all. It’s likely that you have received some valuable tips from a carpet cleaning service, like the one in North Shore, helpful hints. While the entire surface of your carpet is susceptible to damage, it’s usually the parts that are in constant use that take the brunt. Wondering why certain spots resist all attempts to be cleaned? We’ll solve this mystery.

There is a lot of wear and tear in busy zones

Foot traffic is constant in areas of high-traffic, including the floor space directly behind your sofa, the hallway and the route from the cooking area to the livingroom. In these areas, dirt, dust, and other outside particles are most likely to be tracked in. You may not realize it, but every time you come inside after a rainy or gardening day, your footwear deposits layers of dirt on the carpet.

These areas also get dirty faster and suffer more from foot traffic. In combination with the gritty particulates, constant pressure slowly wears out the carpet fibres. The result is a dulled, worn look. Your carpet sheen is reduced faster in these places compared with the more secluded corners.

You’ll be able to recognize the stain and spill visitors

One of the challenges with areas that are high in traffic is the increased risk for spills. There’s a good chance that you have spilled coffee, had pets mess up, or even dropped food on the floor of your living room. Each stain is different and poses a unique cleaning challenge.

What Can You do to Combat This?

Stains must be removed immediately. Vacuuming regularly is important, but so too are stains. It is better to blot them instead of rub them. This will prevent them from being set in. Regularly utilizing the services of professional cleaners, and especially those who specialize in high-traffic areas, can transform your home. Additional, by using runners or rugs in these areas you can add style and protection. Turn them around periodically to make sure they are wearing evenly.

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